• Bathroom Demolition in Asheville, NC

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    Are you ready to remodel that bathroom of yours? Before the fun stuff begins, like installing a new sink and tub, you first have to think about how you will remove the old sink and tub. If your thinking of a partial demolition, then this can require plumbing work, removing tile and possibly some flooring. Whether your doing a full bathroom demolition or a partial demo, Asheville Demolition Services are the pros to call. In order to get that bathroom of your dreams, it starts with a demo and we would love to help you have that dream bathroom.


    Our contractors are screened, friendly, highly-skilled, and ready to take on your project. We will make sure that we are careful inside your home so that we don't cause any further damage. That's the last thing we would want to do. Bathroom demolitions can be tricky, especially when certain machinery is required for your demolition. So make sure to call a pro and get your bathroom demolition done the right way.

    Bathroom Demolition in Asheville, NC

    How Are Process Works

    1. Give us a call to let us know the scope of your project, location, and time frame of your demo.
    2. Send us images and instructions for what your looking to get accomplished.
    3. We will give you a free quote and stick to that price
    4. If we agree on the quote, then we will set up a time, come demo your bathroom, and you will be on your way to continuing your bathroom project


    It's a simple process and we here at Asheville Demolition Services want to have your bathroom demolition go as smooth as possible. Please make sure that all items that need to be removed from the bathroom are taken care of, as well as, turning off water and electricity to the bathroom.

    Types of Bathroom Demolition

    There isn't a one size fits all demo. Each project we take on is unique in it's own way. Here are some common types of bathroom demolitions we encounter.


    • Small bathroom demolitions
    • Floor removal
    • Wall removal
    • Shower demo
    • Tub demo
    • Old bathroom full demolition
    • Sink removal

    How to prepare for a bathroom demo?

    Make sure to turn off water lines that connect to your bathroom. Any electrical units wires that need to be shut off needs to be done as well. We also ask that you remove any personal items or other items that could be susceptible to damage. Lastly, make sure to take pictures of what your wanting demolish and communicate with us on structures that do not need to be removed.

    Reasons for a Bathroom Demo

    We find that a lot of people buy very old homes that just need to be updated fully. We also realize that people just want a new tub or sink. These are two of the biggest reasons. We will do our best to help you get started on the right foot with your bathroom full or partial remodel.


    Give us a call today for your free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!