• Commercial Demolition Services in Asheville, NC

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    Commercial demolition isn't always top of mind, but sometimes it is necessary. Property owners may need to demolish part or all of their building if it's not up to the proper standards. Our team of commercial demolition contractors can get your demo project done efficiently.


    Do you have an old building needing to go? We will provide top notch service from start to finish. You may have goals or deadlines to meet and we will work to meet those deadlines. Asheville Demolition Services is your go to local commercial demolition contractor to call in Asheville and surrounding areas.

    How our Commercial Demolition Process Works

    With each building comes it's own zoning, structure, and other plans. We will make sure to advise ourselves in the specifications of your commercial demolition project.


    1. Contact us to let us know the details of the job, as well as your location.
    2. Please make sure to communicate with us on what structural items must stay and/or go. As well as time frames.
    3. We will give you an estimate and explain how to take the next steps
    4. Our demolition contractors will come upon the agreed dates in the contract
    5. Asheville Demolition Services will take on interior and exterior commercial demolition projects for you.


    A side note: You want to make sure you prepare your project by removing items such as furniture, office supplies, or alerting residents. Basically anyone or anything that needs to be removed should be done, by the time we arrive. All utilities should be turned off to ensure the safety of our team. We will start in the most difficult locations of the building or project and move from there.

    Types of Commercial Demolition

    Interior or exterior concrete cutting, crushing and removal
    Steel beam demolition
    Structural demolition
    Office wall removal
    Flooring Demolition
    Removing roofs
    Commercial pool demolition


    We can handle just about any project out there when it comes to commercial demolition. If you don't know if we can demo your exterior or interior building, then make sure to give us a call and we will answer your questions.

    Demolition Clause Asheville, NC

    If your in the midst of a demolition clause, this can be not so good news for tenants. But for those who are buying commercial properties or spaces this is good news. If a commercial building is sold, the owner will need to notify the renter to leave the property so the building can be demolished. The whole building may or not be removed. Each case is different. It may only be interior and not exterior and vice versa.


    Give us a call today for all your commercial demolition needs!