• Swimming Pool Demolition in Asheville, NC

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    Swimming pools can be awesome to have, but they also can be a huge hassle. They can take up valuable space in your yard, become hazardous to your family, could make it harder to sell your home, and they just take a lot of maintenance in general. If your tired of the swimming pool in your backyard, then maybe it's time to call the swimming pool demolition experts at Asheville Demolition Services. We have experienced demolition pool contractors that know what it takes to demo a pool properly. It takes the right equipment and skills to to pull this job off. When you choose our demolition company, you won't have to worry. We have you covered and will make sure we get your project done right the first time.

    Removing or Filling a Swimming Pool

    It can be easy to think that just filling in the location of your old swimming pool with dirt solves your problem. But this actually isn't always the case. It takes a lot to remove a swimming pool. You have to handle the pipes, tile, concrete, and other materials that might be left behind. You also need the right heavy duty equipment to pull off this project. After removing a pool, you would need to consider the best options on what do to with the new space. It's not always as easy as it sounds. In some cases, you might have to hire an engineer to be present at for the demolition process. You may even need a permit to remove your pool. Once you look at all, the details of removing a pool, it may be best to look into hiring an experienced demolition contractor.


    That's where Asheville Demolition Services jumps into the picture. We have a team of local demolition contractors that have the experience, skills, and customer service to handle any job. Our equipment is top notch will help us get your swimming pool demolition project done in a timely manner. Give us a call to get started!

    Our Swimming Pool Demolition Process

    Give us a call to determine the timeline of your project. Please send us images of your swimming pool and any other important information so we can best serve you. With the right information we can form a solid plan moving forward.


    Determine whether we need to do a partial pool removal or a full pool removal. Partial pool removals cost less and take less time, but will leave behind some of the original materials. This can end up being a hassle in the future and cause major problems. A full pool removal will be more expensive, but will have less risks in the future.


    We also would have to consider doing either an engineered of non-engineered backfill. By backfilling we mean filling up the existing ditch with the materials that were taken out of if. If we were to do an engineered backfill, then would need an engineer to be present on the jobsite. And in the case of a full pool removal, they would provide documentation that states your able to build on the dirt where the pool once was. If we did a non-engineered backfill, there would be no engineer at the jobsite to supervise or provide the authorization for building on where the pool was.


    Above ground pools are much easier than inground. After the pool is drained, we can send our demolition team to take it down and get rid of the materials properly. If you need us to stay for site preparation of where the pool was, then we can do that as well.


    If you have questions about pool demolition or removal, please contact us.